Hello friends, my name is Vincent van der Linden and you can find me online as @vblinden. I am currently working at team.blue as a software engineer. On this website you can find some thoughts and other babblings that I thought were important or useful enough to put online. Please enjoy.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions and do not represent my employer’s view in any way.



Super minimal, simple and inexpensive 24/7 uptime monitoring service. Create an account, add an url, and it will check it every couple of minutes. When the url is down, it will notify you via email, SMS or by pinging a webhook.
Privbin is an online content-hosting service where users can store plain text publicly or privately for a specific duration. Client side encryption is optional.
This app does what is says: Help you drink more water. You can configure the kind of glasses you drink from, the type of beverages you drink and easily keep track of your daily water intake.
A soundboard with snippets from all kinds of different meme videos in the Netherlands. Including classics like: Helemaal knettah, Rustahg, Mand and many more!
Small soundboard of the legendary words spoken by Scott Hanselman during a .NET conference back in the day.


You can reach me at AVf2mMJ [at] vblinden.dev.